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Our Outreach Program

Jacaranda Housing's Outreach Program goal is to provide transition-age (18-25) young adults with the life skills and support that they need to thrive as independent adults. Because of this, in 2022, we launched our Outreach Program. This program allows us to reach more young adults with the resources and workshops that we have put together.

Image by Naassom Azevedo


Providing Tools for Success

Jacaranda Housing has partnered with a number of organizations in Burbank, California and the surrounding areas in order to provide workshops for transition-age young adults who are living in transitional housing, aging out of the foster care system, or at risk of becoming unhoused. Our Outreach Program hold workshops every month, including:

  • Job Skills Workshops (four weeks of training/teaching)

    • Young adults who attend our interview skills workshop are provided with a gift card, so they can purchase a new interview outfit.​

  • Budgeting Workshops

  • College Application Assistance Workshops​​

    • Young adults who attend our college application workshop are provided with school supplies. ​

  • Health and Wellness Workshops

If you are interested in volunteering at any of these workshops, please fill out our volunteer application HERE.


Delivering Smiles

Jacaranda Housing's Outreach Program is partnered with other organizations in order to provide birthday gifts and baked goods to the residents living in transitional housing in Burbank, California. For some of these young adults, this is the only birthday celebration they will receive, so we want them to feel special and cared for on their big day!

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