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Jacaranda Housing consists of two programs:​


Helping Hands in Our Community

Jacaranda Housing offers four job skills workshops, budgeting workshops, and more to transition-age young adults who are currently at risk of homelessness in Burbank, California and the surrounding areas. These workshops are held every month. For more information about these workshops, click HERE.

Our Outreach Program also includes partnering with other local organizations, so we can provide birthday gifts and baked goods for transition-age young adults who are currently living in transitional housing.

Image by Andrew Neel
Image by Matheus Ferrero


Empowering Young Women to Thrive

Jacaranda Housing is based in Burbank, California where we are planning to house between 6-8 transition-age young women at a time. Our Residential Program provides each young woman with stable housing for up to two years, dedicated mentors, life skills workshops, job skills workshops, regular counseling sessions, and assistance with continuing their education. 

For more information on our Residential Program, click HERE.

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